IXS Mallet Knee/Shin Guards - Rodilleras

Built from shock absorbent polypropylene for truly hardcore protection, the IXS Mallet Knee/Shin Pads bring together everything you could ever want from MTB body armour. First and foremost, the ArmadilloDuo™ construction, 360 degrees of protection with double-injected protection shells for added durability, as well as NockOut™ shock absorbent padding in all the areas that matter. The SqueezeBox™ joint system allows complete freedom of movement while still sitting close to the body, and the breathable mesh that holds everything together allows plenty of ventilation to flow when things really start to heat up. All of that, and the silicon used ensures that the pads won’t slip or creep out of position. The IXS Mallet pad really is a big step up for protection.