Ion E-Pact Elbow Guards 2019

Ion E-Pact Elbow Guards 2019The Ion E-Pact Elbow Guards 2019 have been designed with a preshaped, nearly 90-degree angle to reduce fatigue and provide a wrinkle-free fit. Since freedom of movement is an important function that elbow guards need to offer, ION has integrated the simple but unmatched hard cap in combination with high-quality memory foam padding for optimum protection and comfort. With key features such as the 3D shaped Ionic fit, the Ion E-Pact Elbow Guards utilize anatomic fitting pads for a natural riding position.FEATURES3D shaped Ionic Fit: The human body is neither cylindrical nor symmetrical. Thus, you have to forget about flat 2D patterns. We use our expertise in tailoring body-fitting wetsuits to shape anatomic fitting pads for a natural riding position.Power Aramid upper material: Power_Aramid is a synthetic fiber originally developed by DuPont. Today it’s used for a range of applications from bulletproof helmets via tires to bow strings. It offers outstanding tear resistance and tensile strength.HD Memory Foam with hardcap: High-density foam absorbs the energy of the impact in case of falling. Super Perforator Neoprene Very flexible and robust Neoprene with Superior breathability.SizingElbow Gaurd SizeSmallMediumLargeExtra LargeCircumference bottom cycle8.7-9.1″9.5-9.8″10.2-10.6″11-11.4″Circumference top cycle10.6-11″11.4-11.8″12.2-12.6″13-13.4″