IXS Hack EVO Elbow Guard - Coderas

With their soft padding and moisture wicking technology the IXS Hack EVO Elbow Guards keep you safe from the rough and tumble of the beaten path. Sporting NockOut absorbant padding, impacts when suffering unexpected falls are reduced and the AeroMesh superlight fabric is highly breathable in order to keep you focused. Wicking away moisture, the build-up of sweat and odours is avoided and the lightweight feeling ensures you forget the guards are even being worn. Meeting stringent standards, resonance is kept to a minimum. Technology: Qmatterβ„’: EN approved impact energy absorption pads. Absorbs energy and keeping resonance to a minimum. Aero Mesh β„’: A super lightweight mesh fabric. Increased functionality by moisture wicking and anti-bacterial treatment. Prevents from sweat bacteria – does not stink.