In it’s second year featuring the MtnPop Rocker 2.0 the 2018 Rome Heist has really stepped it up. From what was a good reliable all-mountain board it has become all-mountain board with a freestyle feel for ladies looking to get their feet (boots) wet in the park.


The “MtnPop Rocker 2.0″  is a hybrid profile of rocker between the feet and camber at the nose and tail. It adds a bit of everything from powder float to precise, responsive turning. It can be a little harder to master but the result is playfulness from the rocker and power from the camber. Getting the most out of the board is key here.

  • Type: All-Mountain
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Profile: MtnPop Rocker 2.0 Camber
  • Sizes: 138, ‘42, ‘46, 150


Rome Heist 2018

A good reliable all-mountain board with a freestyle feel

Paired with the rocker is Rome’s “QuickRip Sidecut”. Two intersecting side cuts offer superior edge hold at high speeds and keep the board quick, bouncy and nimble at low speeds. This fine tuned edge control will provide the stability and confidence for that first table top hit or icy black diamond run.


Rome have used their single bamboo “HotRod” tech for the Heist which adds snappy pop to the boards flex, another useful park feature. The bamboo stringer is fused into the single biax laminate topsheet. The graphic this year is a glossy kaleidoscope of L.A noir palm trees. Tres chic.


A “Pop Core Matrix” continues the All Mountain design keeping the board light and responsive and the sintered base will keep you going fast enough.


All in all the Heist is perfect for riders who need their board to do it all. It turns well and will slay at high speeds and in pow, but most of all this beauty will impress you by the way it handles in the park. Time to take your park game to the next level ladies!


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