Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Photo Adapter Kit


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Adding artificial light to underwater photography is the key to better image. Having the best platform to help provide that lighting is as important as the artificial light itself. The Aqualite Photo Adapter Kit consists of a ball arm adapter, swivel mount and a fixed GoPro mount. Get the most use out of the Aqualite photo/video light (see SKU’s: UKTASUV395, UKTAV, UKTAS90, UKTAS20, UKTAP20, and UKTAP100) by using the adapter kit. The ball arm adapter integrates with ball joint style photo arms. The swivel mount and fixed mount work with UKPro’s Flex Grip and standard GoPro style mounts. This design of photo adapters allows the underwater photographer to precisely position photo lights which are attached to underwater camera housings. The ball joint has a friction O-ring and the unit is proudly made in the USA.

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