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Zoot Prophet 2 Men’s Wetsuit The pinnacle of wetsuits, the Zoot Prophet 2 Men’s Wetsuit offers cutting-edge technology and the most hydrodynamic coating combined with one of the most innovative patternings on the market, make the Zoot Prophet 2 Men’s Wetsuit a true flagship model for Zoot wetsuits. A hybrid design of Yamamoto Cell 40, Yamamoto Cell 39 and SCS Nano for state-of-the-art floatation, flexibility and hydrodynamics make this suit ideal for endurance swimmers. Zoot’s proprietary Confluence Fluid Design tested as the highest energy savings in comparison to catch panels (creates less resistance against the arm). The Aqualift in the rear of the suit is 5mm of neoprene for more buoyancy and helps hold you in the correct position. The Zoot Prophet 2.0 wetsuit represents the most advanced technology in wetsuit performance. Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels provide extra comfort and a perfect fit for the wearer, whilst the optimal kick design helps your legs stay in the natural body position to kick, preserving energy for when you really need it. The Dorsalflex zipper allows the zipper to stretch with the body instead of restricting like traditional wetsuit zippers do. A zero water wrist cuff closure and a zero water comfort neck closure prevent water from entering the wetsuit and provide a tighter closure but do not sacrifice on comfort, ensuring that you’re at ease and raring to go every time you put the wetsuit on.

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